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Reputation Management and Directory Listings

Your business name has never been more important because local business directory listings are so important. Not only does your name identify you as a unique brand to consumers, but because search engines display your business name, address and phone number (NAP) on local search results pages. As a result, having a managed online limo business listing is not only critical to ensuring your business name and address are displayed correctly, but managing your listing is literally a unique way to ensure you rank high on local search results pages.

Our directory listing management services are designed to not only submit your listings to directory’s, but we also manage your listings to make sure that they remain up to date. Although very inexpensive, this service is probably one of the most important services that you need to implement when launching your new business. Click on “Schedule Now” below to get started.


    1. What customers find online can make the difference between buying from your business and turning to a competitor.

    2. Negative reviews can be leveraged for your gain if you respond properly and timely – but if you’re not managing your reputation, how do you know?

    3. All your current marketing efforts will lead potential customer to learn more about you online – what will they see?


    When people are ready to buy, they start online to find information, compare prices, or read customers reviews. Will they find positive reviews about your business or will you lose them to a competitor?

    1. Listings Management – be listed in all relevant directories in your niche – we’ll check, verify, and update your information on existing listings.

    2. Reviews and Feedback – We make it easy to track reviews, prompt customer feedback, share their positive experience, and address negative feedback.

    3. Mentions – Easy tracking of brand mentions and target keywords, so you’ll have insight into conversions about your business.

Reputation Management Explainer Video